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Chiang Mai is geographically located at the base of Doi Suthep, one of the mountains forming the southern extent of the Himalayas range. Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand, is located just 1.5 hours south of Chiang Mai. The city itself is situated on the plain that has been formed as part of the Mae Ping river basin.

Because of its highland location, the weather in Chiang Mai through-out the year is marginally cooler than southern parts of Thailand. The average daytime temperature is about 25 degrees celcius and lower in winter season. In winter, natural vegetation flourishes along with beautiful winter flowers, which come into bloom mostly in the winter months.

Chiang Mai Temperature Chart

If you are planning a visit to Northern Thailand, then make sure you have Chiang Mai in your agenda. The best time to visit Chiang Mai is from November to March. This is the time when the weather in Chiang Mai is cool and you will be able to enjoy the city and its beauty. You can also plan a visit during June, July and August. These months, though hot, will not make a dent in your finances as most hotels, restaurants and other places of tourist interests do not charge too much.

Chiang Mai Rainfall Chart


When NOT to visit Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai weather is generally nice throughout the year however if the heat bothers you,  try not to go to Chiang Mai in April and May as these two months are the hottest time of the year.

Perhaps on a more important note, if you suffer from any respiratory condition, you should avoid the months of late February and March.   During this time Chiang Mai smog levels are at a record high from farming land burn offs.


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