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Thailand has three basic seasons. The seasons for each location within Thailand varies a bit due to the monsoons that sweep over the country, but generally they are as follows:

Thailand Weather

Thailand Weather Chart

The southern region of Thailand really has only two seasons – the wet and the dry. These seasons occur at different times on both the east and west coasts of the peninsular. On the west coast the southwest monsoon brings rain and often heavy storms from April through til to October, whilst on the east coast the most rain falls between September and December.

Should we avoid the rainy season in Thailand?

Often we are asked if the rainy season in Thailand be avoided. Definitely not. Planning Thailand travel during the rainy season has many advantages:

  • Temperatures tend to be cooler
  • Excellent white water rafting
  • Less tourist numbers
  • Cheaper & more choices for accommodation
  • The daily rains make the countryside lush and green

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