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Chasing down the cheapest price for your flight to Thailand is vital if you’re on a backpacking budget. No matter where you are going or when during the year you are going there, you are bound to find some great deals if you simply take the time to research and explore as many options as possible.

Here are a few tips to find budget flights to Thailand. The deals are out there if you know how and where to look.


Get on a mailing list

Cheap flights to ThailandIf you travel frequently, and usually tend to use the same airline, you might want to try signing up for email notifications on cheap tickets. Most major airlines offer occasional specials on certain flights. If you are relatively flexible, you can get some really cheap flights by being a part of such a mailing list. One such carrier that often has very cheap flights to Thailand is AirAsia. Subscribing to their mailing list can really save some travel dollars.


The advantages of booking in advance

If you can book your airline tickets in advance do so! What do we mean by in advance? If possible at least several months before you fly.

The policy of low cost airlines is to sell cheap tickets at the beginning and to gradually increase the price as seat numbers are reduced. Usually, if you buy your ticket 2-3 months in advance, you will probably get the best price. Buy early and you can get in before you end up paying too much.


Fly on working days

As many passengers prefer to fly on week-ends, week-end tickets sell first. If you don’t book your trip well in advance (2-3 months before) you may notice, for example, that Thursday flights are cheaper than Sunday flights. Some low cost carriers have special promotions on the flights during the week.


Avoid flying during school holidays

Many cheap airlines take advantage of school holidays to increase their prices, as they expect to have more passengers than usual. During these periods a late booking may even result in paying more than the regular price of an airline ticket. It is therefore advisable to avoid these periods, if possible.


Double check the airfare direct on the airlines website

Once you find an airfare you like on a flight aggregator site, go to the specific airline’s official website and see if it’s any cheaper buying it direct from them. It’s best to do all this as soon as you can, and grab the flight that’s cheapest either on the official site or the aggregator, as flight prices and availability change daily.


Ask a real travel agent

As well as conducting your own internet search, you might want to email local travel agents with your flight route and dates and ask them to find you the best price they can. Some travel agents are very resourceful at finding the best fare for you, and also save you the irritation of sifting through lots of sites yourself.  Often the travel agency is happy to “price beat” any fare that you find, so don’t be shy about asking if they can offer a cheaper fare than you may have found.


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