Lesser Known Thailand Backpacker Destinations


Are you planning a backpacking trip to Thailand?  Here are some lesser known destinations to consider when creating your Thailand Itinerary.

Ko Samet

A few hours from Bangkok lies this tiny island getaway. This cozy quiet island, where many Bangkok residents vacation, provides an excellent opportunity to escape the touristy feel associated with most of Thailand’s Islands. Ko Samet’s lack of commercialization is great for relaxing on the stunning white sand beaches and having a few drinks. If desired, you can stay just meters from the ocean’s edge.

Lesser Known Backpacker Destinations - Ko Samet

Chiang Mai

Far from the beaches of southern Thailand is Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai has plenty to do for every backpacker. Day trips to the surrounding jungle, allow opportunity to visit the native hill tribes. If Thai cooking is your thing, several companies offer day or week long Thai cooking classes. You can also visit an Elephant Camp, where the Elephants perform many tricks, from playing football to painting on a canvas. The Sunday night market, bamboo rafting, and the many stunning temples around Chiang Mai, are some other reason to visit this stunning destination when backpacking in Thailand.

Lesser Known Backpacker Destinations - Chiang Mai

Ko Phi-Phi

One of the most stunning islands in all of Thailand is Ko Phi-Phi. This island provided the background for the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo Dicaprio. Aside from catching some rays on the beach, you can go snorkelling, diving, and even hiking.

Lesser Known Backpacker Destinations - Ko Phi Phi

Ko Tao

If you interested in learning how to dive in Thailand, then Ko Tao is the place to be. Most backpackers travel to Ko Tao strictly to scuba dive. If you are new to SCUBA diving or looking to obtain diver certification training, you will find many companies offering both of these services on the island. While there, most travellers enjoy the laid back atmosphere, especially after visiting the full moon party on the neighbouring island of Ko Phangan.

Lesser Known Backpacker Destinations - Ko Tao

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