Bangkok Weather and Climate Information


Bangkok is said to have a tropical climate, so for most westerners, this translates to "hot," "really hot," and "really hot and wet."  The Thais divide the year into three seasons that they call cool season, hot season, and rainy season. Temperatures in the city rarely drop below 25° C (70° F). The months of October until February are considered to be favorable for tourists. The cool season runs from December to March, although there's usually just one week in … [Read more...]

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Phuket Weather Forecast


Phuket has three main seasons which are dictated by the monsoon winds. The cool season (actually quite hot), the hot season (very hot), and the rainy season (hot and wet). From May to November the great land mass of Asia is warmer than the Indian Ocean. The colder, heavier air over the Indian Ocean pushes into the warm air over the continental land mass. This causes the prevailing winds to come from the southwest over the Indian Ocean, bringing lots of warm moist air … [Read more...]

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Thailand Weather and Climate Information


Thailand has three basic seasons. The seasons for each location within Thailand varies a bit due to the monsoons that sweep over the country, but generally they are as follows: The southern region of Thailand really has only two seasons - the wet and the dry. These seasons occur at different times on both the east and west coasts of the peninsular. On the west coast the southwest monsoon brings rain and often heavy storms from April through til to October, … [Read more...]

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Chiang Mai Weather and Climate Information


Chiang Mai is geographically located at the base of Doi Suthep, one of the mountains forming the southern extent of the Himalayas range. Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand, is located just 1.5 hours south of Chiang Mai. The city itself is situated on the plain that has been formed as part of the Mae Ping river basin. Because of its highland location, the weather in Chiang Mai through-out the year is marginally cooler than southern parts of Thailand. The … [Read more...]

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