Chiang Mai Festivals & Events


Bo Sang Umbrella Festival – January

Bo Sang Handicraft Centre Chiang Mai ThailandBo Sang Handicraft Centre just out of Chiang Mai is renowned for its exquisitely hand-painted parasols made from mulberry paper and silk. The dainty parasols are decorated with beautiful floral motifs painted in dazzling colours. The designs are very distinctive and are instantly recognizable.
Every year in January during the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival, brightly decorated craft shops and stores line both sides of the ‘high street’ transforming Ban Bo Sang into a picturesque village decorated in the Lanna Thai style. Colourful umbrellas and traditional lanterns liven up the handicraft fair.
In addition, there are contests, exhibitions, cultural performances, local entertainment, and a variety of shows by day and night. There is a grand procession of parasols and local products, a variety of handicrafts for sale, northern-style “Khan Toke” meals, and the Miss Bo Sang pageant.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival – February

Chiang Mai Flower FestivalThe North of Thailand is famous for an abundance of flowering plants, especially temperate zone species, which burst into full bloom towards the end of the cool season.
During the Chiang Mai Flower Festival, sculptures of temples, animals and even scenes from the Ramayana (the Hindu stories of the Gods) are made from flowers and paraded through the streets of Chiang Mai.
It’s a real treat to watch the Chiang Mai Flower Festival, since more than 3000 species of orchid are in bloom and many of these are on display. Apart from the parades themselves, there are endless floral displays, local handicrafts sales and beauty pageants. The parade begins at the Chiang Mai Railway Station, passing over Nawarat Bridge and ends at Nong Buak Hat Park.

Songkran Festival  13- 15 April

Songkran Festival Chiang Mai ThailandThailand’s New Year, known as Songkran, is celebrated with enthusiasm in Chiang Mai from the 13th til the 15th of April each year. Songkran in Chiang Mai is one of the biggest parties of the year and they certainly don’t hold back!
Songkran is a highlight of the Thai year, and the Thai people celebrate this festival with water. Everyone gets soaking wet spraying one another with water, from buckets, water pistols, elephants’ trunks or any other receptacle that comes to hand. Since it is the hottest season of the year, the custom is quite refreshing but do remember to pack a plastic bag to protect your camera.
The water splashing during Songkran, although it can get raucous at times, is supposed to highlight this day of family binding and love for one another in a playful and respectful way. To get a good view of the action, try The Pae Gate. Book your accommodation early and don’t be afraid to get wet!

Loy Krathong Festival – normally falls in November

Loy Krathong Festival Chiang Mai ThailandWithout a doubt, the biggest and most colourful festival of the year in Thailand is Loy Kratong or Yi Peng, as it is known in Chiang Mai and the north. It is held on the night of the full moon of the twelfth lunar month and usually falls in November.
Yi Peng Festival is held annually on Loi Krathong day. The festival features launching lanterns into the sky to worship the gods. There are also fireworks, lantern contests, and beauty pageants.
Chiang Mai is one of the prime sites to celebrate the Loy Kratong festival. During the celebration, the largest Kratongs are decorated floats and carried on trucks in procession. The high light of Loy Krathong focuses on the launching of the Khom Loy or floating lanterns into the sky. It is the traditional belief that misfortune and bad luck will fly away with the floating lanterns.

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