Chiang Mai Nightlife Guide


The Chiang Mai night life is no where near as outrageous as in Bangkok or Pattaya. However, there are many relaxing bars, several discotheques, live music venues and one street with hostess bars which cater to tourists, located along Loi Kroh Road. It includes a walk-in arcade with a Muay Thai boxing ring near the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel. The city maintains its liberal, laid back attitude with several areas and venues that accommodate the gay and lesbian scene.


The Rooftop Bar Chiang Mai

The Rooftop Bar - Kotchasarn Road (opposite Tapae Gate).


The Chiang Mai night life is lively and goes well into the small hours. Bars and late-night restaurants are located all over the city, but many can be found on either side of the moat’s eastern flank (in the Thapae Gate area), with some excellent live music venues along the Ping River near Nawarat Bridge, along Immanent road in the western part of the city or in the vicinity of the night bazaar.


John's Place Chiang Mai Chiang Mai

John's Place Chiang Mai - Located on Moon Muang, between Thapae Gate and Loi Kroh Road


At the Galare Centre, there is a free display of Thai cultural dancing and music. There is also a cluster of bars, American franchise fast food and coffee outlets together with more diverse restaurants near the intersection of Chang Klan and Loi Kroh Road.

Karaoke lounges (which are undoubtedly a Thai obsession) can be found all over Chiang Mai. Many are found at Chiang Mai Land Road, and some very large establishments along the length of Chang Klan Road, extending south from the famed night bazaar.


Map of Chiang Mai Bars and Nightlife

Map of Chiang Mai Bars and Nightlife

1.  T.H.C. 9.  What’s Up? 17.  The Mad Dog
2.   Nai’s Place 10.  Tuskers 18.  The Pirates Cove
3.  Pinte Blues Bar 11.   Smile Bar 19.  Cafe Souvannaphoum
4.  By the Book 12.  The Local 20.  Tiny Corner
5.  Northgate Jazz Bar 13.  The Britannia 21.  Maze Cafe
6.  Rasta Art Bar 14.  Hash House Harriers Bar 22.  Jammers’ Delight
7.  U.N. Irish 15.  John’s Place  
8.  The Queen Victoria 16.  Laughing Leprechaun  



Chiang Mai Gogo Bars

There are only a few  gogo bars in Chiang Mai, all  have lots of girls dancing and doing interesting shows.  These bars have no cover charge so enjoy!

Spotlight Gogo Bar is the most popular and is a 5 minute walk north of Loi Kroh rd (47 Kotchasan Road, open from 18:00 to 01:00).   There is no admission fee at Spotlight and the prices are reasonable for an a gogo Bar in Thailand. The bar fine at Spotlight is 400 baht, dropping to 300 baht after midnight.

Cozy Corner On Moon Muang, across the moat from Spotlight.  Occasionally there is dancing, sometimes only hostesses. One thing is for sure, the shower show is long gone. Bar fine at Cozy Corner is 450 baht.

Star 6 Gogo Bar – Located off Loi Kroh, behind the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel.  Cover charge 100 baht, bar fine 500 baht.

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