Chiang Mai Jungle Flight Adventure


Chiang Mai in northern Thailand has long been a popular destination for adventure travelers, backpackers, and tourists seeking an off-the-beaten track experience such as elephant trekking and white water rafting. With the recent addition of more than a dozen high-end hotels and resorts, along with ecotourism lodges, northern Thailand’s combination of jungle mountain scenery, hill-tribe villages, and adventure travel tours now appeals to travelers across the board, many of whom find their way to the Jungle Flight zipline, located about an hour from Chiang Mai. The facility holds its own with some of the world’s top courses, with 34 platforms, ziplines ranging in length from 30 to 300 meters, and four abseils, the last and highest of which features a 40-meter descent.

Jungle Flight Chiang Mai Thailand

Preflight briefing

Jungle Flight’s Course Features

The course begins with a gentle, short zip to give guests a feel for the ride; this introduction also gives guides a feel for how guests respond and how much help they might need. From there, the ziplines get longer, higher and faster, culminating in an exhilarating 300-meter ride over the jungle canopy.

The ziplines not only vary in length and height, but by speed as well. On the slower lines, no braking is necessary as the rider reaches the next platform. On the faster lines, a forked piece of bamboo is used to pull down on the wire to slow the approach to the platform. Some of the ziplines have one cable and guests go one at a time. Others have double cables, which allows guests to zip together, or side by side with a guide. Guides do all the clipping and unclipping of caribiners and pulleys, and ride with guests who may be a little frightened, uncertain, or need extra help braking. This is a fully supervised course.

Other features include four abseiling platforms, where guests are lowered from platforms as high as 40 meters off the ground, swinging suspension bridges called “sky bridges,” and a couple of short, stiff uphill hikes, one in the middle of the course, and one at the end. Guests have a choice of tackling all 34 platforms, or doing a shorter course consisting of the first 24 platforms. The full tour takes about 3 to 4 hours, depending on the group’s size and traffic on the platforms; the shorter tour takes 2 to 3 hours.

After the last abseil and the final 10-minute hike, guests are rewarded by a home-cooked lunch cooked and served by local villagers. The lunch is not only a pleasant end to the exertion and excitement, but reflects the relationship between the zipline course and the local villagers, who benefit from the enterprise by receiving rental money for the land, jobs for guides, and income from the lunches.

Chiang Mai Jungle Flight

Chiang Mai Jungle Flight

Jungle Flight Packages

Package A  – 1700baht
Round trip transfer, 22 Platforms, 2 Sky bridges, 3 Abseil, 1 Spiral stairway,
1 Thai style lunch included, fresh fruits, drinking water, visit the hot spring, First Aid insurance.

Package B  – 2200baht
Round trip transfer, 33 Platforms, 2 Sky bridges 300 meters of the Longest
and Highest (40-50 meters) spans of cable, 4 Abseil, 1 Spiral stairway
570 meters suspended Canopy & Swing walk, Scaling net, with a choice of final stations, 1 Jungle picnic snack, 1 Thai
style lunch included, fresh fruits, drinking water, visit the hot spring, First Aid Insurance.


Chiang Mai Jungle Flight

The sign says it all

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