Mai Sai Border Crossing – Thailand into Myanmar


Mae Sai is the northern-most city in Thailand. It is mainly a stepping stone for visits to Myanmar and has few attractions of its own.


Getting to Mai Sai

Buses do the run from Chiang Rai to Mai Sai several times every hour and cost just 40 baht (one way) and take about 1.5 hours.

Buses from Chiang Mai take about 4 hours for the journey and cost 210 baht one way. All public buses terminate at a bus station well south of Mae Sai, so you have to continue onward to the city proper with red songthaews waiting outside (20 baht per passenger fixed fare).


Mai Sai Border Thailand

Border crossing is easy... but remember only 15 days entry on return!


Mai Sai Border Crossing

A border crossing into Myanmar is an easy and convenient method for extending a 15 day Visa Waiver for Thailand. The Burmese authorities no longer offer “Day passes” (US$5). Instead you will recieve a 14 day entry permit (US$10) for travel strictly limited to the Tachilek – Kengtung (also spelled Kyaingtong) area. Travelers using this option are given a paper entry permit and their passports are held at the immigration office until they return to Thailand. Stop at the entry point and talk with the Thai officials to organise this. It is easily done.  Your passport will be returned back at the border checkpoint upon your return to Mae Sai,  Thailand.


  1. Ensure you have the correct United States Dollar amount for your Myanmar entry permit, and that the bill is clean and not torn or damaged.
  2. Entry back into Thailand by land, for those nationalities entitled to a Tourist Visa Exemption is only valid for 15 days.


Tachileik, Myanmar

Small border town of Tachileik, Myanmar

Getting back into Thailand from Myanmar

Getting back into Thailand is a simple and painless process. Exchange your Myanmar entry permit for your passport on the Myanmar side, and walk through to passport control on the Thai side. There you fill in your entry declaration card, and will be stamped back into Thailand for 15 days, free of charge.

Note: The border usually closes at 6pm, so if you intend to return to the Thai side, make sure to keep an eye on the time.

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