Tiger Kingdom – Chiang Mai


The Tiger Kingdom is one of only two such ventures in the whole of Thailand that allows visitors an “up close & personal” experience with the tigers, allowing them to play, stroke & take photos in the tigers enclosure.

Even if you did not want to get up close to the tigers it is still a nice spot to have a bit of lunch and watch the tigers play in their enclosures.  A buffet lunch is served at the Tiger Kingdom from 11.30am-14.30pm daily (200 baht / person).

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

Entrance to the Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

Entrance to Tiger Kingdom is free but if you want to get in the enclosures with the tigers then these are your options:

  • Small Tigers ages 2-5 months 520 baht (10 minutes in building)
  • Medium Tigers ages 6-9 months 420 baht (15 minutes in enclosure)
  • Big Tigers 10-20 months 420 baht (15 minutes in enclosure)

NOTE: Cubs and small tigers are the most active and playful so worth the extra cost.

You can take your own photography whilst interacting with the tigers, or for an additional fee (300 baht) a photographer will take 50-100 pictures for you with his camera.  Photos are supplied immediately afterwards on a CD.

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai Thailand

Medium Tiger

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

Small Tiger

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai Thailand

Tiger Kingdom Big Cat

Tiger Cub Chiang Mai Thailand

A playful Tiger Cub

Directions to the Tiger Kingdom

You can take a taxi, tuk-tuk or songtaew from Chiang Mai to the Tiger Kingdom (20-30 minutes). Agree on the fare first.

If making your own way to the Tiger Kingdom, head down the Mae Rim Road out of Chiang Mai until you see the Mae Sa Valley Road (1096), turn left and drive for about 300m and on your right you’ll see a sign for Tiger Kingdom.

Open daily: 10:00 – 18:00 hrs.

The Tiger Kingdom is truly and amazing place to visit. If you are in the Chiang Mai area, this is one place you do not want to miss.

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  1. Janette says:

    We actually rode a scooter out to the Tiger Temple from the city. Pleasant enough ride with little traffic and easy to find. It is worth noting that the Tiger Temple is also just a short distance from the Ma Sae elephant farm which we did later the same day.

    We arrived at the temple about 10am which was perfect as the tigers weren’t sleepy from their feed. Played with the cubs which was awesome. We had all 3 cubs jumping all over us. We hired the photographer which was also good as we got lots of photos.

    All in all an unforgettable experience.

  2. Tiffany S says:

    We played with the cubs also. Sooo cute and playful. It was certainly worth paying the little extra for the experience.

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