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Chiang Mai Biking are specialists in developing and operating recreational cycling tours. Recreation combined with the highest levels of safety standards, are our top priorities. Groups are never larger than 8 participants, meaning that you can enjoy a safer and more personal service. Anyone who can ride a bicycle may join our excursions.


Chiang Mai Biking Tours

Chiang Mai Biking Tours


In addition to a delightful tour experience, there is no better way to touch, smell and see the real Thai way of life.Our tours will certainly enrich your stay in Thailand; with memories and smiles that will last a life-time.


Chiang Mai Biking Tours

Chiang Mai Biking Tours


What is included:

  • A unique and unrivalled Chiang Mai cycling experience
  • A delicious Thai snack/meal
  • Some Thai delicacies along the route
  • Bicycle rent
  • Guide fee
  • Water or soft-drinks during the excursion

Address:  Baan Nai Fun 1 , Soi 2 , 135/48 Pa-Daed , A.Muang 50100 Chiang Mai 50100
Phone: +66(0)53282055
Website: Chiang Mai Biking


Traveller’s Reviews of Chiang Mai Biking


Great way to explore the countryside around Chiang Mai

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 ★★★★½ 

As the title says, and a lot of the other reviews, this biking tour (I did the 1 day tour) is a great way to discover the surrounding area and less touristic known spots around Chiang Mai. Some beautiful temples/ruins you probably wouldn’t see otherwise. Also the many visits to small local companies/market and ofcourse the wonderfull countryside with all the small villages makes it a great way to spend your day. The equipment is perfect and once your out Chiang Mai there’s almost no traffic, so while biking you can focus on the scenery and explanation of the tour guide.

Highlight of our trip

Rating: 4.5 of 5 ★★★★½ 

We did the half day tour which was a wonderful way to see the peaceful side of Thailand after all the tourist hotspots. Cycling past rice paddies and vegetable farms and stopping in at some fascinating places along the way was a great way to spend the morning.We’d been to a few markets, but going with Aon who showed us many different cooked foods and let us taste them was a highlight. We’d seen so much fresh produce that we don’t get at home, and again Aon enlightened us on how it was all used in cooking. The bikes were vey comfortable and the route was really as flat as we’d been told. If we’d known how good the tour would be, we would probably have booked a full day.

Amazing unseen by biking in Chiang Mai

Rating: 4.5 of 5 ★★★★½ 

Wow…, it’s the unique way to explore “Amazing unseen by biking” along the ricefield, sight-
seeing tour pass by small villages and homemade factories (ceramic, handicrafts, cake &
bonbon factory etc.) and of course visiting a lot of “Wats” ( buddhist, and chinese Tempels).
The local market and the test of Thai sausages were delicious (free of charge). Our tour
guide, Mr Fokker (Netherland), he knew a lot about Thai cultures, his knowledge inspired
us, extreme fun and educational for all Thais and foreigners (Farangs).
We gave 5 stars for this tour, it’s worth for your money. Our tour guide, he is so funny
and so “take it easy” and relaxing, take so much time, 6 hours long, we thank you


Rating: 3 of 5 ★★★☆☆ 

We found the bike riding a little boring. You are not riding in a very scenic place and you really don’t see much. A half day would have been better. The equipment was fine and the tour guide was excellent. It was just kind of boring for us.

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