Patara Elephant Farm – Chiang Mai, Thailand



Patara Elephant Farm is a Thai owned and managed farm focusing on health-care and breeding management for friendly, beautiful and special elephants to produce healthy elephants to live on Earth.


Patara Elephant Farm Chiang Mai Thailand

Patara Elephant Farm


Patara Elephant Farm invites you to hands-on experience on participating, sharing responsibilities and taking care of an elephant. “Elephant Owner for a Day” is a special program created for everyone to learn and interact with elephants as what an owner would do daily, during which time you are trained to approach your elephant correctly, know the elephant’s temperament, feed and check its health, learn about and take care of your own elephant, bathe and brush it in the river, learn how to ride on its neck, and communicate through different spoken commands. You will get a chance to bare-back riding to visit forests, waterfalls or local temples. The program is specialized and meaningful activity to create trust and relationship between you and your elephant.


Patara Elephant Farm Chiang Mai Thailand

Bathing elephants at Patara Elephant Farm

With conservation philosophy “Extinction is Forever”, Patara Elephant Farm honored to encourage people to try, at least once in their lives, to experience this very special and sacred animal that should be treasured. Give yourself an opportunity to share once-in-a-lifetime experience with the elephants; you will be touched by their beautiful hearts and will be brought closer to their special world.


Patara Elephant Farm Chiang Mai Thailand

Patara Elephant Farm

Address: 299/22 A. Muang Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand
Phone: 66-81 9922551 or 66 81-6710958
Website: Patara Elephant Farm


Traveller’s Reviews of Patara Elephant Farm


A truely amazing experience

Rating: 4 out of 5 ★★★★☆ 

All the reviews are true, we visited Patara Elephant Farm for our silver wedding( we wanted to experience something different) and may we say we got it. We were picked up from our hotel as planned and taken to meet Pat and the team and his ‘family of Elephants’ The day was everything it promised and more. You have to experience the excitement and emotion for yourself. We felt so honoured and humbled to have had the opportunity to take care of the Elephants for the day, myself in particular, I got to take care of mother and baby Elephant, I had such a wonderful day, one which i will never forget. We learned so much. Well done Pat and all the team, but a special thank you to Jack, he was such a gentleman and he really took care of us.

Amazing – A must do if in Chiang Mai

Rating: 5 of 5 ★★★★★ 

Absolutely fantastic! I’d do it again if I’m ever in Chiang Mai!

I knew I wanted to do something with elephants while traveling in Thailand (how could you not?!) – but it was really important to me that it be a form of responsible tourism – I’ve heard too many stories about mistreated, overworked and beat up elephants to just join a tour without doing my research. And through this research I found Patara.

Patara Elephant Farm is amazing. The owner, Pat, is super friendly and gives a great history of the farm, an overview of how it is run and what it is. There have been complaints on here about how they hide the fact that it’s a breeding management farm – not sure how this is possible, because it’s right on their website (and has been for as long as I’ve known about it).

The details of the day can be found on their website and in all the preceding reviews. And it’s exactly that – a day, one-on-one with an elephant and their trainer and it’s wonderful! A dream come true. Its relatively expensive (compared to all the other elephant tourism in Chiang Mai) but it’s completely worth it. Keep this in mind: It’s super easy to charge low prices when tour operators don’t care about the well-being of their animals. Patara cares and you can see that.

Absolutely a must – do for anyone looking to do elephant tourism in Thailand!

A life changing experience

Rating: 5 of 5 ★★★★★ 

If you can’t do anything else in Chiang Mai or even Thailand you must visit Patara Elephant Farm. An authentic insight into the lives of the elephants and their keepers for a day. An good understanding of elephant conversation and in particular what Patara is all about. An amazing amount of time spent with the elephants in a natural habitat. Worth every amount and more. You must must must try this experience for yourself. No other place in Chiang Mai will give you one to one experience with your elephant. If you care for elephants and their environment and trusting loving keepers then choose this place every time.

Best lifetime adventure… and I’ve been around the block a few times!!!

Rating: 5 of 5 ★★★★★ 

Most wonderful and exciting day I have ever had with animals. You learn, get to know, feed, wash and take care of the most special creature on earth! My elephant had a three month old baby that followed us around all day. This is a must do once in a lifetime experience. I only wish our kids were there to join us. If you only do one thing in Chaing Mai , do this……….You will thank me!

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