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The Tiger Kingdom is one of only two such ventures in the whole of Thailand that allows visitors an “up close & personal” experience with the tigers, allowing them to play, stroke & take photos in the tigers enclosure.

Even if you did not want to get up close to the tigers it is still a nice spot to have a bit of lunch and watch the tigers play in their enclosures.  A buffet lunch is served at the Tiger Kingdom from 11.30am-14.30pm daily (200 baht / person).

Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom


Entrance to Tiger Kingdom is free but if you want to get in the enclosures with the tigers then these are your options:

  • Small Tigers ages 2-5 months 520 baht (10 minutes in building)
  • Medium Tigers ages 6-9 months 420 baht (15 minutes in enclosure)
  • Big Tigers 10-20 months 420 baht (15 minutes in enclosure)

NOTE: Cubs and small tigers are the most active and playful so worth the extra cost.

You can take your own photography whilst interacting with the tigers, or for an additional fee (300 baht) a photographer will take 50-100 pictures for you with his camera.  Photos are supplied immediately afterwards on a CD.



Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom

Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom

Address:   51/1 moo 7 Rimtai Mae-rim Chiang Mai 50180 Thailand
Phone: 053 299363 or 053 860704 5
Website: Tiger Kingdom


Traveller’s Reviews of Tiger Kingdom


A “must see” when visiting Chiang Mai

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 ★★★★½ 

The Tiger Kingdom is a very well run attraction with an excellent restaurant where you can see the tigers without having to pay for the opportunity. You only need to pay if you want a close encounter with the lovely and very docile cats and be photographed with them.

Very clean and well maintained. Lots of parking in front of the main building. Very little walking required to view the tigers unless you want to be photographed with them.
Approx. 45 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai.

Better than I anticipated

Rating: 5 of 5 ★★★★★ 

OK – at first i was reluctant to go here, as I have had other friends who went to places to pat Tigers in Thailand and they felt they may have been drugged and they were also chained up.  None of that at Tiger Kingdom.

They were well cared for, still muscular (the drugged out ones do not maintain muscle), their eyes were beautiful clear and they were very alert. No stick poking to wake them up.
They moved around a lot and played with the trainers. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Pay the extra 300 baht to have a guy take photos for you, he took about 50 pics and it was presented on a nice CD for us – you can even check it all while there too. I saw people trying to do their own shots and its just easier and you will enjoy the experience of patting a beautiful beast much more when not concentrating on photos.

Interesting experience – WOW

Rating: 4.5 of 5 ★★★★½ 

This was amazing to experience, there are many who believe they are drugged and against the fact that I was interested in doing this due to animal cruelty – but honestly i do not know if they are or not…. it almost seems unreal that you can be next to them and these beasts are not ripping you apart. In fact they were very quiet, some sleeping others more playful… so i cannot be one to comment on the entire “drugged / abusive animals” scenario, as I honestly don’t know. If your keen to get up close to one of the most interesting and intriguing animals in our time then I say this is well worth your money, its clean, the animals are healthy and the trainers know what they are doing. Money well spent!!

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