A Guide to Pattaya’s Sex Scene


Pattaya bar fines explained

This is an amount of money a customer pays to the bar to take an employee, or even a freelancer, out of the bar. In beer bars the bar fine runs between 200 and 300 baht; short-time bars also charge from 200 to 500 baht while gogo bars are the most expensive with bar fines from as low as 300 baht (extremely rare and usually only for brief periods at the beginning or the end of the night), a standard 500 baht and often now from 550 to 600 baht. In peak periods such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Night, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Night a go-go may place an impost of 1,000 baht or more. The gogo bar fines are more expensive because the dancing girls earn far higher wages than their beer bar and short-time bar cousins.

The idea of the bar fine is to compensate the bar for the loss of an employee. After all, the reason most people go to a particular Pattaya bar is to look at and chat with the employees. If the employees have all gone out with customers then the bar will be empty and the owner will not be making any money.  Since Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are usually the busiest for go-go bars, the owners of these places insist all employees turn up for work on those days. Any girls who fail to do so usually have 500 baht or more cut from their salary for each day they miss.  The bar fine is only the first part of the transaction between you and the girl, it does not include any money she might ask for her extra-curricular activities.


How much for a night of passion in Pattaya?

The key factor to remember about the girls of Pattaya is they are here to make as much money as they can each and every time they can. Some Pattaya girls ask for ridiculous amounts on the basis there is always a sucker out there somewhere.

If you want a girl for a short time (approx. 2hrs) this is negotiable with the girl. Being negotiable, though, also implies that there’s virtually no limit to how much a Pattaya girl could demand for her “special services” – especially if you fancy a drop-dead-gorgeous ‘stunner’ from a well attended gogo bar. In order to avoid an argument with ‘your girl’ on the following morning, or just an hour later, you’re advised to always agree on a certain price for sexual services before paying the “bar fine”.

If you want ‘long time’ the girl of your choice will stay with you for the whole night and she would expect you to give her 1,500 – 3,000 baht.

Check those Thai ID cards

All Pattaya Thai nationals over a certain age are required to carry an identification card. This is about the size of an average credit card, laminated plastic and contains a photo of the girl as well as her name, date of birth and the province she comes from. If a girl cannot produce an ID card then she could be under-age (and doesn’t want to produce the card) or is a Lao or Cambodian national and therefore probably illegally in Pattaya.  Many hotels ask girls to leave their ID card at the front desk when accompanying a customer to his room. This is sensible for all concerned as it protects against theft and also against future accusations of bringing an underage girl back to your room.


Thai ID card

Thai ID card


WARNING: Any foreigner caught having sex for money with under 18 year olds, will receive a mandatory minimum two year jail sentence and if the girl is under 16 the penalties are very harsh.  This year (2013) is 2556 in the Buddhist calendar, so you will need to do a little maths to work out their age. If their birth year is 2536 or more – move on . . . quickly!!!  (subtract 543 from the Buddhist calendar to get the Western year)


Pattaya lady drink prices

Girls working in the Pattaya bar scene, whether they be employed on a monthly salary or freelancers just propping up a bar stool in a gogo and chatting with friends who may be working at the bar in question, are always seeking to supplement their income by way of lady drinks.  Many gogo bar operators impose a lady drinks per month minimum on their dancers as part of the salary package. For example, a gogo bar may tell a girl she needs to accumulate 50 drinks a month from customers.  Lady drinks in most Pattaya gogo bars are priced between 80 and 100 baht. Some Pattaya bar owners though have been known to charge anywhere from 120 to 150 baht.

In Pattaya, the girls will receive an average of 20-30 baht per drink, which they collect at the end of the night. Usually this is enough to pay for a plate or two of food after work each night and maybe a motorbike taxi home. That’s if they haven’t been bar-fined of course, or they happen to be the only Thai girl in Pattaya who is not hungry on average once every two to three hours. The above is one reason why a dancing girl in a gogo, and even some waitresses, hustle customers for lady drinks. It’s not they want a drink per se; they want the money. In some Pattaya gogo bars, it might not be the dancer who makes the approach for the drink, it will be a waitress. The latter will stand in front of you and make the internationally recognized elbow bending movement followed by pointing at you and then the girl sitting with you. It’s entirely up to you whether you succumb to the pressure or not. If you happen to spot a Pattaya girl you fancy and ask her over, then she is entitled to think you’ll at least purchase a drink for her, and that is only fair.


Pattaya freelance girls

There are dangers in taking freelance girls you meet in a gogo or on the Pattaya streets back to your room. If you are robbed of money and valuables you really have no recourse unless the establishment you are staying in asks for the girl’s ID card before she is permitted to accompany you to your room. This is sensible practice as it protects both you and her if a problem subsequently arises. There are a lot of girls who work as freelancers in beer bars but these can be traceable if you have a problem. Nonetheless, it is sensible practice at all times to be aware of your money and valuables and keep them out of the way of temptation for light fingers. In the vast majority of cases the freelance girls are honest and as long as you treat them with respect, you will receive respect in return.


Pattaya ladyboys or katoeys

Katoeys are everywhere in the main tourist areas of  Thailand, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Some go to great lengths, and pain, to transform themselves into beautiful looking girls. Some of them are obviously men, but what about those who are not so obvious?


Ladyboys in Pattaya Thailand

Not all ladyboys are obvious


To be absolutely certain there is only one way to identify a Pattya ladyboy, but that isn’t always the most pleasant option. If there’s some doubt and you are a guy who is really only interested in the real deal, then here are a few pointers so that you don’t have to go the grope:

  • Men’s shoulders are square (generally) and noticeably wider than the rest of the body.
  • A Ladyboy will want to wear the sexiest shoes – what female doesn’t ?  But take a look at the shoe size!!!
  • A bulging Adam’s apple, although that is now being rearranged by the surgeons.
  • The voice is the biggest giveaway, so listen carefully. Pattaya ladyboys are very clever at disguising their voice, but it’s often a giveaway.

Have you been to a gogo in Pattaya?  Comment with your own favorites or insights below!

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