Oasis Gogo Bar – Pattaya



Oasis Gogo Bar Pattaya.

Oasis Gogo Bar - Located between Soi Buakhao and Soi Chaiyapoon in Central Pattaya.

The Pattaya girls of Club Oasis Gogo are some of the hottest girls in town.  Club Oasis Gogo is one of the Pattaya go go bars that opens early around 5 pm so you can actually enjoy the Pattaya girls that work there in the early afternoon. They have a happy hour in the afternoon when drinks are the cheapest and quite a few Pattaya ex pats show up on a regular basis.


Oasis Gogo Bar Pattaya Thailand

Oasis Gogo Bar - Central Pattaya.


Club Oasis in Pattaya is located on Soi Buakhao right at the corner of LK Metro on the opposite side of the street from Club Blu. You can have a hell of a good time bouncing back and forth between those two Pattaya go go bars on a Saturday night.


Oasis Gogo Bar Central Pattaya.

Oasis Gogo Bar - Pattaya.


The Pattaya girls at Club Oasis dance on an oval shaped stage complete with brass poles that is right in the center of the club. Like most Pattaya go go bars, Club Oasis will have around ten girls on the stage at a time. There is good seating all around the room. You can sit right up next to the stage on stools if you want a close up view or you can perch further back from the stage on bench type seats along the wall.

The gogo girls that dance on the main stage rotate around the stage from pole to pole as the music changes so that by the end of a dancer’s shift she will have made her way all around the stage so that all the guys get a good look. They wear the sexiest little costumes and a lot of the girls go topless.


Oasis Gogo Bar Central Pattaya.Oasis Gogo Bar Pattaya.

Besides having topless go go girls on the main stage, Club Oasis has larger tables around the room where the girls can perform table dances. The girls that do the table dances are just as hot as the ones on stage. It’s hard sometimes to figure out just where to look.

Every hour or so, the Pattaya girls at Club Oasis will put on a special totally nude show. Sometimes the naked girls get painted up with fluorescent paint and dance under black lights. The shows are erotic to say the least.

So whether it’s a drink with the local crowd or looking for that special lady, Club Oasis Gogo bar has been offering the best in Pattaya gogo nightlife for over 4 years. At Oasis gogo you will find drinking, laughing, dancing and partying every night of the week with a 5pm-10pm Happy Hour and last call coming at 3am.



Oasis Bar Prices

  • Draught Beer  49 baht (+vat)
  • Bottled Beer 102 baht  (+vat)
  • Soft Drink  86 baht (+vat)
  • Lady Drink  102-134  baht (+vat)

Oasis Bar Fines

  • Dancers: 700 baht

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