Pattaya Nightlife – A Where to Go Guide


Without a doubt, Pattaya nightlife is legendary. Whatever you want, you will be able to find here. Nightlife is a bit of a misnomer as the action continues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The possibilities are literally endless from bars, pubs and a-gogos to excellent cabaret shows, restaurants and other live entertainment.


Pattaya Nightlife Guide

Pattaya nightlife has all the action you could wish for


Pattaya Nightlife Warnings

A word of warning to the few who come looking for under age girls and boys. Yes they are available although not obviously. If that is want you want you will no doubt find it here. You will also likely end up spending a year or two in a very unpleasant Thai prison and have your name published in all the newspapers back home. Thai law requires all people who work in bars to be 20 or older. Prostitution is illegal although generally ignored provide the participants are aged 18 or over. Any foreigner caught having sex for money with under 18 year olds, will receive a mandatory minimum two year jail sentence and if the girl is under 16 the penalties are very harsh. People are being caught regularly, so don’t do it. All Thai’s carry ID cards and if you have any doubts, ask to see it. This year (2011) is 2554 in the Thai calendar, so you will need to do a little maths to work out their age. If their birth year is 2536 or more – move on . . . quickly!!!

Thai bar girls are not like their counterparts back home. You can expect to find a loving and considerate companion who will stay with you for a few hours (short time), overnight (long time) or several days (girlfriend experience) or longer. Generally speaking these girls come from the rural North East and are working in bars because it is the only way they can earn money to support their family.

They are not hard nosed hookers and you should not treat them as if they were. Once you agree to go with a girl, she will consider herself your girlfriend and if you act accordingly, the rewards are many. There are three main areas where you will find the action, although they have now sort of merged into one giant area.


Northern Pattaya Nightlife

Centered along Second Rd, Soi 2 to Soi 6. There are mainly beer bars, mixed in with a few A Go Gos. This is the quietest area, so you will find yourself very welcome here. The famous Sabai Dee Massage Parlor is also here, next door to the Big C shopping center. The action is mainly on Second Rd although some of the Soi’s do have a few places. Also Naklua Rd near the junction with Second Rd has a few places to amuse you.


Central Pattaya Nightlife

Clustered around Soi 7 and Soi 8 and extending from Second Rd to Beach Rd. This area has developed quite a lot lately and although smaller than South Pattaya, it has a lively atmosphere. Most of the action occurs in the Sois, with a spill over on to Second Rd. You will find mainly Beer Bars here although there are three A Go Gos on Soi 8. Many hotels are also clustered around this area.


South Pattaya Nightlife

This is where it all started, and South Pattaya still contains the largest collection of Restaurants, Discos, A Go Gos, Beer Bars and Massage Parlors in Pattaya. It’s also where you will find FLB Bar.

Starting from Soi Pattayaland 2 and extending South to Soi 18, this is a big area, with many side streets (sois) and much to do and see.

The action takes place in the Sois, and along Beach and Second Rd. Beach Rd from South Pattaya Rd to Soi 18 is closed to traffic at night and metamorphoses into The Famous Walking Street. This area is boisterous, noisy and full of bars. Many of the bars stay open 24 hours a day and there is always some weird sights to astonish you.


Pattaya nightlife in other areas

Although most tourist stick to the above three areas and you will always feel safe there, there are many other places to visit for Pattaya nightlife. South Pattaya Rd between Second Rd and Sukhumvit Rd has many Massage Parlors, bars and a discos frequented by lots of locals. There are quite a few establishments that cater to Thais which you can recognize by the fairy lights, although all signs are in Thai. Basically wherever you go in Pattaya, something will be going on.

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Pattayas Bar Hopping Guide 2011

Pattayas Bar Hopping Guide 2011 – Click to enlarge

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