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Pattaya, in Chonburi province of Thailand, is about 150 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. It is probably the most well-known place one wants to go in Thailand for Thai and foreigner alike. Pattaya city and its three beaches – Pattaya, Jomtien, and Naklua – grew rapidly during and after the Vietnam War, when the Americans built a naval base and American GIs invaded the town for “Rest and Recreation”

Today Pattaya boasts dozens of Five-star hotels, scrumptious resorts, and a vibrant nightlife with hundreds of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.


Pattaya Beach Thailand

Pattaya Beach Thailand


Pattaya has a large foreigner’s population, with Americans and Brits topping the list. There’s a sizeable population of assorted Europeans and Australians, as well. Two foreigners’ Clubs organize a host of activities for the foreigners. There’s various activities going on in Pattaya city every day. There are two daily English-language newspapers-The Pattaya Mail and Pattaya Today-and one free bi-weekly magazine which is called EXPAT.

Pattaya is a fundamental passenger destination for the pleasure-lover, and lies along the gulf of Thailand 150 km southeast of Bangkok. U-tapao airport is nearby. A taxi to bangkok is Bt 1,500 – 2,000. Buses and trains are much cheaper and service is virtually continual.

But a reasonable drive down the coast brings the visitor back into contact with Thailand. Sattahip, Chantaburi and Trat are much more conventional.

Here are the comparisons between bonuses and drawbacks of retiring in Pattaya.


Benefits of Retiring in Pattaya, Thailand

  1. Pattaya has foreigners’ clubs that meet every Sunday. They provide an extensive support network. Each club has a host of special interest groups. One of them provides cheaper health insurance for foreigners.
  2. Easy access to Bangkok and all its attractions.
  3. Three beaches offer a host of water sports for the active resident.
  4. The city is one of the primary entertainment capitals of Thailand, with hundreds of beer bars and A-go-go bars that are open to the small hours.
  5. A haven for gay residents. foreigners, and gay-lovers.
  6. Amazing array of restaurants, especially for sea-food and international cuisine; five-star hotels for comfortable dining and night-life entertainment.
  7. Some of the best sailing and yachting in the country; also a big-game fisherman’s paradise.
  8. Well over 20 golf courses in the nearby area.
  9. Lots of clubs to join: five Rotary Clubs, a Lions Club, a Sportsman’s club and two prominent yacht clubs.
  10. Many business centers to take care of financial and property needs.


Drawbacks of Retiring in Pattaya, Thailand

  1. Up to a million tourists during the November to March. There are a lots of people around here.
  2. Overcrowding of beaches during the tourist seasons.
  3. Inflated prices for foreigners.
  4. Pattaya residents usually get mistaken for tourists until the locals get to know you better and see you frequently.
  5. Rush-hour traffic can be as suck as other metropolis, especially during holidays and festivals.
  6. Although improvement of environment, the beaches are still polluted with garbage all the times.
  7. Booming tourism has caused much environmental degradation of the area.
  8. High rate of Crimes.
  9. Pattaya continues to have the image of being a city of sin and sex.

You have to decide if you want to retire in Pattaya or look elsewhere for a place to spend your golden years,

Author Source: Larry Westfall is a retired expat living in Thailand and loves Khon Kaen Photos and hotels pattaya

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