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Pattaya is a lively city with a population that swells to over 350,000 during the peak holiday season.  Thankfully for tourists, Pattaya has probably one of the most effective and easiest to use local transport networks to be found anywhere in Thailand.  With an endless stream of “baht buses” that follow set routes around Pattaya, getting around couldn’t be easier.  However, given that trips through the often heavy traffic can be quite slow, it still makes sense to book a hotel near to the places you intend spending most of your time.


Pattaya Beach Thailand

Pattaya Beach Thailand

Pattaya Beach Road

Pattaya Beach is a scenic 4km long crescent of sand backed by a promenade and palm trees, a busy one-way road, and a dense layer of luxury hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and market stalls. The southern end is home to the nightlife that gives Pattaya its notoriety, while the northern end is calmer and less densely built up. Many of Pattaya’s most exclusive resorts are found here, with prices reflecting their premium location opposite the beach and near the city’s best shopping and nightlife.


Pattaya Second Road

This central and very bustling main road lies parallel to Beach Road, only a couple of hundred metres inland. In terms of nightlife and shopping, those staying here are as well placed as those on Beach Road. Beer bars, restaurants, shops, malls and hotels fill its sides, and Walking Street is just as accessible. However, within this densely built up area, sea views and spacious facilities are harder to come by than on Beach Road. Much of the accommodation is therefore of the budget or mid-range variety.

Connecting Pattaya Second Road with Beach Road are many long thin streets or ‘sois’, which heading from north to south are numbered 1 to 16. Filled with mid-range hotels and budget guesthouses, those in the north are relatively quiet (Sois 1-6) while those south of Central Pattaya Road (7-16) get progressively more lively as you get closer to nightlife centre Walking Street.


Pattaya South

This is the area immediately south of South Pattaya Road, and flanked by Pattaya Hill to its left and Jomtien Beach to the South. It includes the pedestrianised nightlife hotspot Walking Street, so hotels here are very well placed for those wanting to explore the notorious neon-lit stretch of Pattaya’s Gogo Bars. Pattaya’s best shopping and restaurants are also close by. Most of these hotels are inland though, and so usually lack sea views. The longer and quieter Jomtien Beach is no more than ten minutes in a ‘songthaew'(hop-on public taxi).

Pattaya Hill

A raised headland at the southern end of Pattaya Bay, Pattaya Hill is accessible by winding roads that lead to the top. Popular with families, it’s full of upmarket resorts with luxury facilities, large gardens, gourmet restaurants, panoramic sea views and a quiet, serene atmosphere suited to relaxation. Those staying here may feel dislocated from Pattaya’s impetuous action but are in fact only a few minutes drive from it. The resorts here typically have lots of recreational facilities for guests to enjoy, and Jomtien Beach which is a quieter alternative to Pattaya Beach is close by.

Jomtien Beach Thailand

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach

About 2km south of Pattaya Beach lies Jomtien Beach, a long, straight 6km stretch of sandy coastline that is a lot less chaotic and crowded than Pattaya.  This 6 kilometre long beach may bear some resemblance to Pattaya beach in terms of beach activities, however, it’s much more peaceful and laid-back than Pattaya Beach thanks to its distance from Pattaya.

The beach is suitable for swimming as plenty of water sports activities are available. Accommodation on this beach is relatively cheap and there are enough restaurants to serve diners. New hotels, resorts, condominiums, shops and restaurants are rising fast, but they are more spread out and, for now at least, haven’t destroyed Jomtiens quiet down-to-earth charm.

The beach is shady with pine trees and beach umbrellas. Therefore, this is the place where you will see beachgoers joyfully basking in the sun.

Pattaya Jomtien Map

Pattaya Jomtien Map


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