Different Types of Airport Parking


Different Types of Airport Parking

While you’re looking for airport car parking, you have probably noticed many different types of parking options available. There are numerous options each with different prices, so whether you need a budget option or the most convenient choice, there’s a wide range of car park options to suit many different requirements.

airport-parkingAt the cheaper end of the airport car parking scale are off-site car parks. These aren’t as fussy as you might think, as many are now very well run with efficient procedures and can get you to and from the airport with minimal fuss. They’re usually the cheapest option too. The typical format is that you arrive at the car park and leave your car at reception. You’ll hand your keys over to the receptionist, get on a shuttle bus, and be transported to your terminal. On arrival back home you usually have to call the parking operator who will send the shuttle bus back to retrieve you at the designated point, ready to take you back to your car. In most cases, the shuttle takes a mere 10-15 minutes, so it’s usually a great value option.

Other types of airport car parking include on-site parking, some of which is within walking distance of the terminal, others require a short shuttle ride. Meet and Greet is another popular option, and involves delivering your car to you at the airport – which saves having to travel to an off-site location. This is usually the most expensive option but it’s often the quickest and most convenient.


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