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The Full Moon Party occurs every full moon, at Haad Rin Beach, on the island of Koh Phangan, off the East coast of Thailand.

A full list of Full Moon Party dates for 2013 can be found here…


Recommended Full Moon Party Travel Options from Bangkok

If you are heading South to Koh Phangan and the Full Moon Party you should book your transport (and accommodation) early to avoid disappointment.  Ideally, plan on arriving a few days before and depart a few days later to avoid the rush.  Following are 4 options for getting from Bangkok to the Full Moon Party.


Option 1

Flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui (1 hour), then Ferry to Koh Phangan (25 minutes)

With no airport on Koh Phangan, the easiest way to reach Koh Phangan from Bangkok is to fly to the neighbouring island of Koh Samui. The Big Buddha Pier on Koh Samui is a short taxi ride from the airport and from there, take a 30 minute boat ride to Koh Phangan.

The last boat leaves Koh Samui for Koh Phangan at 6:30pm each day, so if you arrive late you will need to either hire a private speedboat to take you to Koh Phangan or arrange accommodation on Koh Samui. On the Full Moon Party date, boats run all night between Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. For cheapest flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui check with Bangkok Airways (

Big Buddha Pier Koh Samui

Ferries and speed boats at Big Buddha Pier returning from Koh Phangan

Option 2

Flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani (1 hour), Bus to Ferry Port (1 hour), then Ferry to Koh Phangan (3.5 hours)

A flight from Bangkok to the airport at Surat Thani on the mainland is cheaper than flying to Koh Samui, but makes for a longer overall trip. The travel time from Surat Thani to Koh Phangan is approximately five hours at a cost of 450 Baht which includes bus transfer and boat ticket. For this travel option there are a couple of budget airlines now operating from Surat Thani: Nok Air ( and Air Asia ( If your flight arrives late in the evening, there is a Night Boat that departs from Surat Thani at 11.00pm and arrives at Koh Phangan at 06.00am.  Tickets for the night boat can be purchased on boat.


Option 3

Overnight Train from Bangkok to Surat Thani (10 hours), Bus to Ferry Port (1 hour), then Ferry to Koh Phangan (3.5 hours)

Cheaper than flying, is a First Class Sleeper Carriage on the overnight train from Bangkok to Surat Thani, although Second Class (Air Con or Fan) is fairly comfortable too. The train can get crowded in the lead up to the Full Moon Party so booking in advance through a travel agent is recommended. Arriving at Surat Thani by train in the early morning, you will be transported by bus to the ferry port approximately one hour’s drive away, where ferries depart to Koh Phangan every two hours or so. There are plenty of travel offices opposite the railway station that can arrange your onward ferry ticket.

Bangkok ► Hua Hin ► Surat Thani

Km Train number: 43 * 261 171 35 * 37 * 169 83 * 173 167 85 * 39/41
Classes: DRC 3 s,2,3 1,S,3 1,S,s,2,3 S,s,2,3 1,S,s,2,3 s,2,3 S,s,2,3 1,S,s,2,3 DRC
0 km Depart Bangkok (Hualamphong) 08:05 09:20 13:00 14:45 15:10 15:35 17:05 17:35 18:20 19:30 22:50
64 Depart Nakhon Pathom 09:18 10:48 14:43 16:09 16:42 17:19 18:31 19:11 19:53 20:56 00:04
229 Arrive/depart Hua Hin 11:11 13:35 17:13 18:24 19:11 20:15 20:46 21:40 22:05 23:22 02:11
485 Arrive Chumphon 14:19 21:11 22:00 23:34 00:45 01:32 02:39 03:15 03:57 05:57
651 Arrive Surat Thani (for Ko Samui) 16:30 00:10 00:50 01:56 03:21 04:05 05:29 05:58 06:42 08:11

Train classes:

1 = 1st class sleeper.  S = 2nd class sleeper (air-conditioned).  s = 2nd class sleeper (non-air-con).  2 = 2nd class seats. 3 = 3rd class seats.  DRC = Diesel Railcar express with 2nd class air-conditioned seats, meals included.
* Recommended trains – express railcar by day, the best air-con sleepers overnight.


Option 4

All-in-one Bus and Ferry combo ticket from Bangkok to Koh Phangan (13.5 hours)

For the most economical option for getting to the Full Moon Party from Bangkok is the purchase of a combo ticket.  These are available from the Khao San Road area for around 650baht per person. The journey takes all night and is the least comfortable travel option. Buses depart Bangkok at 07.00pm and arrive in Surat Thani in time to catch the morning ferry to Koh Phangan.


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