Phuket Weekend Market


One of the best kept shopping secrets on the island is the enormous Phuket Weekend Market. Here you’ll find a huge variety of clothing, accessories and Thai souvenirs.

This large weekend market is a well kept secret, with scant information (if any) in the tourist guides. It is not situated in a tourist area, so visitors to Thailand have to be in the know. However, it is well worth making the trip to the outskirts of Phuket Town, as it is here where you’ll find the best bargains.

Modeled on Bangkok’s famous Chatuchak Market (the largest open-air market in Asia), the Phuket Weekend Market (also called Talad Nad Chaofa Variety, Chao Fah Variety market,or Talad Tai Rot ) offers row upon row of clothes stalls, footwear, handbags, jewelry, souvenirs, collectables and crafts. There are hundreds of stalls at the Phuket Weekend Market, situated on approximately 13 Rai of land.


Phuket Weekend Market

Excellent shopping - Open 5pm to 9pm every weekend


Buying DVDs in Thailand

Be wary of buying DVDs in Thailand as they are unlikely to be originals (especially at around 100 Baht) and can vary in quality. Ask the stall holders at the  Phuket Weekend Market if the quality is clear, as some are worse than others. VCDs in English are marked “soundtrack” or “Thai subtitle,” but these are difficult to find, as 99% of VCDs on sale are in dubbed in Thai, so beware!


Thai Food

If you are feeling hungry then take advantage of the many Thai food stalls located along the front side of the Phuket Weekend Market. This is you chance to buy some delicious Thai fruit at market prices or some ready cooked Thai curries or seafood. If you don’t want anything too spicy, try a traditional Thai papaya salad, called Som Tam.


Phuket Weekend Market

Cheap and delicious food at the Phuket Weekend Markets


Other Amenities

At the far side of the Phuket Weekend Market there is also a café/bar for some Western-style refreshments. If you have tired and weary feet, there is also a small foot massage parlour.
Bargaining Skills

Never was there a better opportunity to practice your bargaining skills, and your Thai. Expect to bargain at the Phuket Weekend Market for a reduction of around 10 -30% for most items. Stall holders will unusually punch prices into their calculator, so you don’t need to worry too much about understanding the numbers. However, you’ll soon get the hang of it, and if you know the magic words “Can you give me a discount?” in Thai, then this will usually initiate a broad smile from the stall holder, and quite possibly, a bigger discount.


 Location of the Phuket Weekend Market

  • Talad Nad Chaofa Variety market (Phuket Weekend Market) is located on a side road just off the main Chao Fa Nok road coming from Central Festival shopping center, down towards Wat Chalong and Chalong Circle (Hai Yak Chalong). If you are coming from the Central Festival direction, at the large junction in front of the shopping center, get yourself on the Chao Fa Nok road, going towards Wat Chalong, and it’s about 1.5 kilometers further, on the left-hand side. You’ll pass the Easy Fitness Center on your right, and a large school. Continue until you reach a T-junction with traffic lights, and take the left-hand turning. You’ll find the market on this road, opposite Wat Naka temple.
  • Coming from Chalong, go past the Wat Chalong entrance, and then around 1.5 kilometers before you reach Central Festival, the turning is on your right-hand-side.
  • If you are driving, there is a smallish car park opposite the Phuket Weekend Market, but parking is also possible on the road. If you are taking a Tuk Tuk or motorcycle taxi, then tell the taxi driver you want to go to Talad Nad Chaofa Variety, on Chaofa Nok road. Alternatively the Chalong songtaew (communal taxi) which goes up and down Chaofa Nok road, can drop you at the corner. However, the last service leaves Chalong at 4.30pm.
  • If you can’t find a taxi to take you home, then walk up to Central Festival shopping center, where there are proper taxi ranks and fixed price fares.


When to Go

As with the majority of Thai markets, the Phuket Weekend Market does not start until around 5pm, and is only on Saturdays and Sundays. Peak shopping hours are between 6:00pm and 9:00pm. Keep a tight hold on your purse, as it can get quite crowded. If it’s rainy, expect to see fewer stalls at the Phuket Weekend Market, but rest assured it will still be in operation..

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