Phuket Airport Transport


You have several Phuket airport transport options to get from the airport to your destination.

Phuket airport metered taxis

A metered taxi stand is located just outside of the Phuket airport main terminal building. As you exit the terminal, turn right and walk to the end of the veranda about 25 meters. Ignore all other offers as you walk past the touts. The taxis are red and yellow and are supposed to use their meters but you may have to ensure that the driver turns his meter on instead of bargaining and haggling for a price.

The average fares from Phuket airport are; Phuket Town 400 baht, Patong 550 baht, Kata/Karon 600 baht plus a 100 baht airport levi. The trip will usually take approximately 30 minutes to Phuket, 40 minutes to Patong Beach, and around one hour to Kata/Karon.

NOTE: Phuket airport taxis do not have a lot of room for passengers and luggage so don’t expect to carry more than about 2 passengers if you also have large and bulky luggage.

Metered taxis are a very good, safe and economical option

Metered taxis are a very good, safe and economical option


Phuket airport limo Service

A limousine taxi service is also available, although a more expensive option. The silver-grey vehicles are parked directly opposite the terminal’s main doors.

They have a reputation for driving very fast and often will insist on taking you to a shop along the way where they hope to get commission.

Phuket airport bus service

There is an inexpensive bus service that operates between Phuket airport to Phuket Town. Buses depart hourly from the airport starting at 06:30am (09:00am on weekends and public holidays) with the last bus departing the airport at 08:45pm. Fare from the airport to Phuket Town is 85 baht and tickets can be purchased on the bus.

At the airport, you can get on and off the Airport Bus at these two stops:

1. First Floor: Outside the Arrival Hall (when you come out, just turn left).
2. Second Floor: Next to Burger King Restaurant (outside the Departure Hall turn left).


NOTE: This bus travels to Phuket Town, not to the west coast beach locations

NOTE: This bus travels to Phuket Town, not to the west coast beach locations


Phuket airport minivans

Minivans run between the airport and the popular tour destinations. Minivans sometimes stop off at tour agencies where you will be asked to book a tour from which the driver makes a commission. Minivans take longer than a taxi to deliver you to your hotel as they drop off other passengers at hotels along the way.

Tickets for shared minivans can be purchased at two counters on the Phuket airport ground floor with fares to Phuket 100 baht, Patong 150 baht, Kata/Karon 180 baht.

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