Dental Fillings in Thailand


Dentals fillings in ThailandUnlike in the past, besides noticeable silver and gold fillers, today’s dental technology allows a person to have composite resin fillers that are completely unnoticeable. They are also strong and durable and can assist in giving an individual a very naturally beautiful smile. An added bonus is that most dental insurances cover these.


About the Procedure

First, using an anesthetic, your dentist will numb the targeted area. He or she will access the decayed area of the tooth and remove the decayed pieces with the assistance of an air-abrasion instrument and either a traditional drill or laser. When all the decay has been removed, your dentist will make space for the filling by cleaning out the cavity of bacteria and debris. He will then attach the filling before attaching the filling, polishing it and giving it final touches.

Types and Options

There are three types of filling: cast gold, silver-fillings, tooth colored composite fillings, ceramics and glass ionomer.



The quality of a filling depends on the material you select, but all of them will allow you to chew as normal, will protect the nerves from sensitivity and will improve your appearance. One fillings will also last a long time, between 5 to 15 years.


Risks, complications and side effects

The only risk involved is a very rare allergic reaction to silver fillings. In the event of this happening, your dentist would simply remove it and replace it with another material.

Over the past few years, some concerns have been raised about the dangers of amalgam being related to some diseases, including Alzheimer’s; however, as of yet, there is absolutely no actual evidence.



When making your decision for a filling you will have to decide which material to use. All of them are advantageous but here is a run down on their disadvantages to help you make up your mind.

Gold:  Gold is expensive, many times more so than normal amalgam fillings. You will also have to see the dentist on more than one occasion. The color won’t match that of your other teeth.

Amalgams (Silver-fillings):  Like gold, the color won’t match that of your other teeth. Parts of your actual tooth may have to be removed as the amalgam filling is usually large. Amalgams are susceptible to expanding and contracting. There is also the chance that you will suffer an allergic reaction.

Composite fillings:  Composite fillings aren’t quite as strong and durable as amalgams. They are also susceptible to hard chewing and any pressure and there is the chance that it will fall out.

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