Laser Teeth Whitening in Thailand


Laser Teeth Whitening in ThailandThe teeth whitening procedure has been developed as a fast and efficient way to reduce the discoloration and staining of teeth or simply to provide a patient with whiter, brighter teeth. Over time, whether you like it or not, your teeth and so your smile will lose its attractiveness, but this procedure will reverse that trend and bring you back a bright, white, appealing smile, one which can certainly enhance your appearance and boost your confidence.


About the Procedure

For this procedure, you will not have to be placed under an anesthetic. Your dentist will begin by opening your mouth and applying a translucent bleaching gel. He or she will next, using a special activating light, activate the crystals to penetrate the teeth enamel to enhance the lightening effect by removing the staining. This procedure can be repeated if the staining is severe.


Length of procedure

This procedure takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.


Benefits of teeth whitening

With age, your teeth discolor, thus, affecting your smile and appearance. However, with laser teeth whitening, you can bring back your bright, friendly and youthful smile. Not only will you look better, but your self-confidence will certainly get a well-needed boost.


Who is an ideal candidate?

An ideal candidate would have discolored, stained teeth and be self-conscious about them.



Following the treatment, it is advised to avoid tobacco, coffee, tea and wine for a couple of days. You should also give them a stealthy brushing.


Risks , complications and side effects

An enormous amount of people are more than satisfied with the results of their treatment, but like with any dental procedure, there are possible side-effects and risks. They include:

  • Sensitivity
  • Tenderness
  • Over-bleaching
  • Discoloration


Price range
US$250 – US$350

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