San Paulo Hospital – Hua Hin, Thailand


San Paulo Hua Hin Hospital, is a private hospital with a 60 bed capacity, comprising  of medical and nursing team with fully equipped, advance medical and surgical facilities to provide efficient, continuous healthcare to the patients and community members as well.

Sam Paulo Hospital Hua Hin, Thailand

Address: 222 Phetchakasem Road, Hua Hin Prachuapkhirikhan 77110


Highlight Treatment:
Plastic Surgery, Hemodialysis Center, Cardiac and Vascular Clinic, Neuroscience Clinic,  Detox colon-Irrigation Center

Language support: Thai, English

No. of Doctor: 30

Number of Beds and Rooms:

  • Number of ICU Bed: 5
  • Total rooms: 30
  • Total beds: 60

Number of Staff: 160

Hospital Specialties / Departments:

  • Computed tomography and X-ray diagnostic center
  • Detox Colon – Irrigation Center
  • Hemodialysis Center
  • Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • Gastroscopy Colonoscopy
  • Doppler  Ultrasonography

Out Patient Department:
Services include many departments with specialist in field such as General practice physician, Surgeon, Medicine, OB-GYN physician, Pediatrician,Cardiologist, ICU. Monitoring with well – trained medical staffs and fully equipped facilities to provide close medical care and special nursing care to critical patients.

Provided with completed modern operating room facilities to meet the patients needs for some major or minor surgical procedures by surgeon.

Check up Center:
San Paulo Hua-Hin Hospital Check-up Center provides exceptional medical services to our valued customers. This center offers various types of unique check-up packages to suit a wide range of patient’s needs. Some examples of these specific check-up packages include: medical check-up for a specific life span, medical check up for pre-employment, medical
check-up before going aboard, annual medical check-up for executives and their employees. Check up center is  an all-in-one unit service convenient for customer.

Neuroscience Clinic:
Sanpaulo Hospital provider special care for the neurological disorders patient by neurologist who ready to diagnose and give consultation to manage and treat serious neurological illnesses.

Emergency  Medical  Investigation:
Opens 24 hours with certified laboratory technicians to perform completed clinical  medical  laboratory services. (EQAC. Certificate)

Physical Therapy:
Provides a comprehensive range of evaluative, preventive and rehabilitative services, Dedicated to healing, managing pains and physical activities for returning to normal life style under supervision by certified physical therapist and rehabilitated physician.

Dental Department:
Providing dental and oral care such as oral cleaning, fillings, tooth extraction, root canal therapy, periodontitis (gums disease) and denture wearing by certified dentist and dental hygienist.

Cardiac and Vascular Clinic:
This special clinic provides early diagnosis to detect cardio and vascular disordering as well as giving consultation for treatment and prevention measurement by cardiologist for patient who has cardio and vascular  problem. We provided Echocardiogram


Bangkok Hospital address and contact details

Address: 222 Phetchakasem Road, Hua Hin Prachuapkhirikhan 77110
Telephone: +66 3253 2576
Fax: +66 3253 2582

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