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One reason why Thailand is such a popular place with nomads and expats to retire is that it’s really cheap. Basic costs of living in Chiang Mai are significantly less than those of Australia, Europe or the US. Not surprisingly, an increasing number of retirees are making Thailand, and particularly Chiang Mai, their retirement destination.

However, if your budget allows for it, living luxuriously in Chiang Mai is not out of reach for most people. Living luxuriously in Chiang Mai means you can have your own swimming pool, perhaps daily maid service, and a gymnasium and tennis court in your apartment complex.  All this and more is possible for less than the cost of an average lifestyle back home.

So how much does this rather luxurious lifestyle in Chiang Mai cost?

Monthly Expenses – 2 Adults – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Exchange rate Jan 2013 1USD = 30.4050baht THB USD
Furnished 1 bedroom apartment in good area – aircon, cleaning twice per week THB 18000 $592.00
Electricity, water and internet THB 3040 $100.00
Food (dining out most nights of the week – western meals 2-3 times per week) THB 18243 $600.00
Motorbike rental, petrol THB 3800 $125.00
Entertainment/massages THB 12162 $400.00
Miscellaneous THB 3040 $100.00
Total THB 58285 $1917.00

Chiang Mai Apartment

Chiang Mai Apartment

Chiang Mai Apartment

This 1 bedroom condo is located in a secluded and peaceful area close to Chiang Mai University and only a few minutes motorbike ride to the city.  This apartment comes with a separate master bedroom which is spacious and accommodates a king size bed.

Chiang Mai apartment swimming pool

Chiang Mai apartment swimming pool

A beautiful swimming pool and roof top terrace are available to the residents, for outdoor activities and entertainment. Electricity and water bills are charged per your usage.

Naturally there will be other expenses and these have not been included, but should be noted.  Visa runs may be necessary, depending on your circumstances.  Chiang Mai has some excellent doctors and a first class hospital.  A basic doctors examination is $8 and a blood test costs from $15.

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