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Retirement in ThailandRetiring in Thailand is not as difficult as you think and each year thousands of people retire in Thailand.  Depending on your ideal location, here are some of the benefits of Retirement in Thailand:

  • Low cost of living.
  • Year round sunshine
  • Medical and Dental care is cheap
  • Amazing pubs, bars and nightlife
  • Spend your time on Thailand’s beautiful beaches

Like many countries’ governments, the Thai government has realised that there are benefits to attracting people who want to retire overseas. People retiring in Thailand need to have a verifiable annual or monthly income, so there’s no drain on the Thai economy, only an inflow of external currency.

Basically, to qualify for a retirement visa in Thailand you need to be over 50 and be free of any criminal history in Thailand and also in your country of residence. You also need to be free of any contagious diseases.  You’ll need to be in possession of a valid passport and also prove with a bank statement that you have an annual income of around 800,000baht or a monthly income of 65,000baht.

Possible Retirement Destinations in Thailand

One of the main destinations for people retiring in Thailand is Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, a busy, bustling city of 8 million people.  Good for shopping, eating out, entertainment of all forms and especially golf.

Retirement in ThailandIf the beach is your reason to retire in Thailand then Phuket could be your destination.  Phuket is the largest Island in Thailand and is now the number one tourist destination in Asia.  Phuket is also home to the Thai jet set crowd and is becoming increasingly expensive as a result.

Pattaya is another well known beach destination that might appeal instead.  Since being discovered by American GIs during the Vietnam War, Pattaya has lost a lot of its seedier reputation and has been re-branded as a family destination with water parks, fun parks, golf courses and dive centres.

If your idea is to retire in Thailand and you’re looking for a cooler climate, then consider Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the Northern Province.  The area is renowned for its cool climate, morning mists and relaxed way of life.  It’s not completely away from it all however, Chiang Mai boasts any number of good world cuisine restaurants, hospitals and shopping facilities.

Nong Khai town is another popular destination for those retiring in Thailand and was recently voted the 7th best retirement destination in the world by America’s Modern Maturity magazine.  Life is laid back in this town located close to the border with Laos, and expats can be found dining in many of the restaurants on the banks of the Mekong river.  Living costs in Nong Khai for a family of two with a live in maid including rent, entertainment, maid’s salary, utilities, food and car running costs amount to around 40,000baht per month.

Whatever your retirement plans are, Thailand offers those wishing to retire overseas a perfect destination.

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