Koh Samui Tourist Attractions

Koh Samui Tourist Attractions

Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rock Formations


Hin Ta and Hin Yai (Lamai Beach)

The natural geological formations close to Lamai Beach is one of the popular Koh Samui tourist attractions.  Meaning “Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks”, these unusual rock formations were named after their similarity to sexual organs, and they are located at the south end of Hat Lamai. The site is one of Koh Samui’s most photographed features.

Strangely shaped rocks south of Lamai Beach are locally dubbed Hin Ta – Hin Yai.

According to legend, an old couple were shipwrecked in the bay and died and their bodies washed ashore creating the rocks.


Namtok Na Mueang Waterfall

There are two levels to this attractive waterfall, which tumbles down out of the highlands. The nearest one to the road has about a 20-metre drop and a refreshing pool for relaxing. A steep side road leads to the higher level, which is even more impressive. Here, elephant treks are also possible.


Koh Samui Tourist Attractions

Namtok Na Mueang Waterfall Koh Samui



Koh Samui Snake Shows

For anyone fascinated by snakes, a visit to one of the Koh Samui snake shows is a must. The fearless handlers play with deadly species, and offer visitors the chance to get up close and touch their slithery skin.


Monkey Shows

If you are traveling with young children, then you may want to find Koh Samui tourist attractions that are educational as well as a lot of fun. The monkeys’ famed ability as coconut collectors once formed the basis of Koh Samui’s economy. During the performance, all their skills are shown to ludicrous effect.


Na Thon

This is the island’s main town and port, situated on the west coast, and is constantly bustling with visitors arriving and departing. This is the place to go shopping for beach gear, extending visas or just watch the goings-on at the port from a street cafe.


Big Buddha Temple

Established in 1972, the temple houses a 12-meter high Golden Buddha, which has recently become a spectacular landmark of Koh Samui and is a very popular Koh Samui Tourist Attraction.  The monastery has become a meditation center for both local residents and foreigners.

Koh Samui Tourist Attractions

Baan Plai Laem Temple near Big Buddha


Wat Pradoem Temple

Located approximately 12 kilometers on Route 4169 or 1 klm from Na Mueang Waterfall is a monastery built at the end of Ayutthaya Era. The temple is believed to be the first temple on Ko Samui. At present, it is where an ancient wooden scripture hall used in storing Buddhist scriptures is located.


Wat Samret Temple

This relatively old temple houses a marble Buddha image brought from Burma and many other old Buddha images.


Ban Lamai Cultural Hall

Serving as a folk museum, the Hall houses many local ancient objects. Interesting objects on display include earthenware, household utensils, hunting weapons and equipment used in coconut planting.


Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo

Located at Laem Set Bay, the Aquarium features a wide variety of tropical fish and marine fauna.

Koh Samui Tourist Attractions

Koh Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo



The Statue Garden Ang Thong National Marine Park

The Garden features a number of Buddhist and Hindu statues recently made by Khun Nim, a local sculptor. Located near the highest point of Koh Samui Island, the place can be reached by taking the track opposite Wat Khunaram.


Samui Butterfly Garden (Na Tian Butterfly Garden)

Located at the bottom of the hill to the south of the island, the Garden offers a unique opportunity to observe numerous species of butterflies on the island. Other interesting features are the beautifully decorated garden, the bee house, a Thai style house which allows visitors to observe the activities of bees. The insect museum, in which rare insects from Thailand and other countries are displayed, is also worth visiting.


The Eight-Headed Coconut Tree

This is a rare and exotic coconut species. To see it for yourself, follow the sign posts on the No. 4169 southbound ring road to Na Thon Bay.


Besides these Koh Samui tourist attractions, there are several other shows, waterfalls, temples and other places that you can visit during your holiday on Koh Samui island. The best way to see these sights is to take one of the many tours on offer. Some tours cover several Koh Samui attractions on a full day tour, while others cover a single attraction in a half day tour. Depending on the time that you have available and your interests, you can choose a tour that best suits your needs.

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