How to Avoid Excess Baggage Charges


Excess Baggage ChargesConfused by new rules on checking in baggage on planes?   A recent survey found that almost 20% of travellers  have been caught with excess baggage and fined at the airport.  Many of the low cost airlines have reduced luggage limits and charge for each bag you check in.

Here are our top 10 tips that might save you from paying excess baggage charges.

Check with the airline before you book

Before you book your flight, check the airline’s policy on luggage allowances. Some airlines give higher lugage allowance, and some are more lenient with their allowance than others. It’s definitely worth shopping around if you have quite a bit of luggage to carry.

How heavy is your suitcase?

If you have a heavy hard-shell suitcase, that could be taking up a large portion of your allowance. By using a light weight case or backpack you could trim your total weight (case + luggage) by several kilos.

Wear your heaviest items of clothing

Flying can often be chilly so wear your heaviest clothing.  If your taking a pair of boot, wear them and pack the lighter sandals or sneakers.

Maximise your hand carry

Many airlines allows you to hand carry a laptop or a handbag in addition to the hand carry luggage. Make good use of this and pack any small but heavy items, like books, in the laptop bag of handbag.

Pre-pay and save

Many airlines allow you to purchase additional luggage allowance when you buy your ticket.  This is nomally at a reduced rate and cheaper than purchasing at boarding time.

Do you really need all those toiletries?

Pack as few cosmetics and toiletries as possible and pack the smallest amount you think you will need on the trip.  You don’t need a brand new large size of deodorant for a one-week long vacation. If you travel frequently, save nearly used tubes of toothpaste.  If you are clever enough, you can discard the empty container when packing for your return trip.

Weigh before you go

Weigh your luggage before your travel departure at all times- both home and away – and very quickly you will learn to streamline your packing. Invest in travel scales to avoid any nasty shocks at the airport check-in.

Laundry is cheap

There’s no point packing clothes for your entire trip.  Laundry in Thailand is cheap and same day service available.

Ship your luggage

Many airlines provide cargo service to ship your items. This isn’t cheap, but at least better than excess bagagge fees. Alternatively, check with the post office and International courier companies.

Travel light

Once you’ve packed everything, un-pack it all and lay it out on the bed.  Take a good look at what you have packed and remove at least 5 things.  Remember, you can always buy that extra ‘T’ shirt or new dress while away on holidays.

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