Obtaining a Thai Driver’s Licence


Obtaining a Thai Driver's LicenceIt’s hard to believe that anyone in Thailand actually has a driving licence, or at least has passed a test, but getting a valid Thai licence is possible for all nationalities. While many westerners drive for years without obtaining a Thai driving licence, getting one is advisable for any long stays. An international driver licence is required to drive in Thailand, however for stays over 60 days a valid Thai driver’s licence is required. Additionally, having a Thai licence is handy and avoids ‘situations’ that might cost you a ‘on the spot fine’.

As it is equally easy to obtain a Thai drivers’ licence, either for car or motorbike,  you should consider also taking the motorbike test if your current licence is only valid for cars.

Requirements to obtain a Thai Driver’s Licence

  • Firstly you must be physically capable to operating a vehicle and be at least 18 years old.
  • You must hold a valid Non-Immigrant Visa. (Tourists no matter how long you stay need not apply).
  • For the actual test you can be accompanied by a Thai translator to help fill out the forms and tests.
  • You will have to present your passport with the appropriate visa along with signed photocopies of the passport’s first page, the page with the current non-immigrant visa, the page with the last entry stamp and the TM-card., a certified letter of address from the applicant’s embassy, or from the Immigration Bureau (document can not be older than 30 days).
  • If you are legally working in Thailand, then your work permit will serve in place of these documents.
  • Also required is a medical certificate (available from any clinic or hospital) attesting to your good health, two passport photos, a valid international driver’s licence or a translated copy of your national licence verified by your embassy or consulate.

Thai Driver’s Licence application procedure

You will take a Thai language application form for the 1 year temporary driving licence. Your translator will help fill out the forms. You hand in the forms and then wait a few minutes to them back.

Testing Requirements for a Thai Driver’s Licence

  • A Colour Blindness Test. An official will point to coloured dots and you should responds by stating the dot’s colour.
  • Reflex Test. Another official will seat you behind an alternative gas and brake pedal and push the accelerator until the green led’s start to light up. Hit the brake pedal before the led’s reach the red zone. You will have to repeat this test twice.
  • Depth Perception Test. Use forward and back buttons to align a moving pin with a fixed one, in a small box at app. 10 meters distance.

Once you have passed all the above tests, your documents will be signed and handed back to you. You will have to queue up again but at the end you will be handed a 1 year temporary Thai driver’s licence.

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