Searching for Low-Cost Cruises


Cruising is a fantastic type of getaway that’s packed to the brim with memorable experiences. After all, where else can you wake up to new destinations every morning and spend time in bewitching cities or sun-soaked beaches, before being whisked off to the next port of call while you kick back in the lap of luxury? It’s a pretty special holiday, and one that you’re not likely to forget in a hurry.

But as you might expect, with all those experiences and scintillating destinations on the agenda, cruise holidays aren’t the cheapest type of getaway on the market. So how do you find low-cost cruises that won’t break the bank?


Last minute cruises are a great place to start. Just like package holidays, cruise holiday prices are often lowered prior to the departure date. Typically, you can find some great special offers and reduced-price cruise holidays by searching just a few weeks before the departure date, as this is when tour operators and cruise liners cut prices in order to fill those last few cabins. Last minute cruises are cheapest for those that are fully flexible, so try not to pin your hopes on a specific type of itinerary or a certain sailing date. The more flexible you are, the more price-orientated you can be.

If you’re not the spontaneous type and you prefer to plan your holidays well in advance, you can often find some tempting early bird deals on next year’s or next season’s cruise holidays. By booking well in advance, you will have that little bit longer to pay off the cost of your booking, and enjoy some extra time to save your spending money too.

So where will your low-cost cruise holiday take you?

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