Tips to Save you Money on Phi Phi Island




Koh Phi Phi Island

Looking down on Phi Phi Island from the Viewpoint

Do not book a hotel or guesthouse in advance

This tip isn’t a tip for everyone, but if you have the flexibility and are not traveling during the peak holiday season, you will save money by not booking any accommodation in advance.  The prices online tend to be expensive and normally feature the higher end hotels.  When you arrive in Phi Phi, ignore all the touts at the pier and take a walk around to look for a place to stay.  Never commit to more than the first night or two without staying there first.

Note that the  Phi Phi Island low season runs from May through to October. Travelers looking to have a great holiday while staying on a strict budget should consider visiting Phi Phi Island during the low season (or green season as it is called). There is the risk of rain, but also you will feel much less pressure on your wallet.


Buy water, snacks and drinks from the 7-11

You’ll quickly realize that everything is cheaper when you move away from the centre.
To save money, go to the 7-11 or the market. Fresh fruit trays, skewers of chicken and other delightful snacks sell for 15 -30 baht. When bar hopping to the next bar or beach clubs, grab a beer at 7-11 for the 3 minute walk.


Take advantage of happy hour

Many of Phi Phi Island’s bars have happy hours offering half-priced drinks and 2-for-1 specials.  Check out the various times and bar hop to maximise your savings.


Cheap internet

At off-peak hours, usually in the morning or evening, some internet cafes discount prices.  Several restaurants and guesthouses have free Wi-Fi access.

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